Give your offering to Buddhist Worship through the following bank account:

  BCA - 6890339463 a/n DEWI YANTI / NOVIYANTI 

Please insert the following code at the end of the nominal:
• 01 - Offering to Buddhist Worship Community to support our daily activities and Dhamma sharing events.
• 02 - Offering to BW Care, a special division raising funds to help those in need.

"Idam Vo Natinam Hatu Sukihita Hontu Natayo. Sabbe Sotto Bhavantu Sukhitatta."
"Semoga timbunan jasa ini melimpah pada sanak keluarga, semoga sanak keluarga berbahagia. Semoga semua makhluk turut berbahagia."
Sadhu... Sadhu... Sadhu...

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